What Camera Do I Use?

One of the most asked questions I get is, "what camera do you use?" so I've created this post as a basic guide on what tools you can use to get the best photo possible to go along with my presets.


 My DSLR —

If I want a more high-definition shot I will lug my Canon Rebel T5i around with a Canon EF 24-70mm Standard Zoom Lens attached. I'm in the process of updating my DSLR equipment but currently this is what I use to film my beauty videos as well as shoot photos.


 My Point and Shoot —

For quick amazing quality photos on-the-go you will love the Canon G7x Mark ii. This camera is extremely user friendly, compact and is also great for filming videos such as vlogs. I suggest using flash even in the day time for peak quality photos.


 My iPhone X —

Honestly, before I decided to get a point and shoot, I loathed the idea of lugging around my DSLR and would avoid it at all costs so that being said, most photos before April of 2019 are shot on my iPhone X. Even with these shots, I would get asked 'what camera are you using?' or 'who's your photographer?' and it was simply my boyfriend with an iPhone. Goes to show you can make any photo great using what you've got (and some sick presets)! The newer iPhones have even better camera quality so if you're interested in upping your Instagram game and can only splurge on one item I definitely suggest upgrading to the newest iPhone and starting there


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